Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

It is nearing the Mid-Autumn Festival and as an annual practice, the alumni will be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival together with the school. We are seeking the help of volunteers for the activity and we welcome all ex-students and Alumni members back to school for this activity.

Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival Stall
Date: 5 October 17 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm (set-up starts at 4:00pm)
Venue: Nan Hua Primary School Compound

This is an annual carnival organized by the school and there will be various stalls set up to cater for different activities related to the festival, such as 猜灯谜, 品茶, 尝月饼. Throughout the evening, there will be performances by the current students on the stage.

The Alumni Association will also be present at one of the stalls to sell sausages, food, drinks and light sticks. The set-up of stall starts from 4pm onwards. Join us for the carnival with your family and let us know if you wish to help out at our stall via email: nhalumni@hotmail.com