Message from Chairman 会长信息

Chairman Kelvin Chiang

南华小学是一所历史悠久又具备优良传统的一所小学。南华校友会就是在1998年由当年的冯月桂校长组成的。校友会的创办主要是为了联系旧校友和母校的关系, 让校友有机会回校服务,并与提倡志愿精神。

这20年来,校友会的学长, 学姐们,不管是在校庆, 一年一度的中秋节晚会,或是在华校校友联合会的活动或展览会上,都献出了许多的心力与贡献。从他们的身上 我学会了许多新知识, 也让我得到了很多做家长的启发,这些都是新会员能够通过活动和交流所得到的。

目前我们有700多名成员。我们都希望自己的孩子能够受到南华华族文化的熏陶,以及培养孩子们的传统价值观。我们校训里的八大美德:忠孝仁爱,礼义廉耻也是许多校友坚守的人生价值观。为了让孩子们品学都兼优,家长与学校的协手合作是无可莫非的。 在欢迎你们来到南华校友会这个大家庭的当儿, 我希望校友能包着“饮水思源”之心,通过校友会,一起与南华小学共度百年校庆以及一起努力,发展和开拓; 把南华小学推向另一个高峰!


Message from Vice Chairman 副会长信息

Vice Chairman Sia Kok Choon

Nan Hua Primary School was setup in 1917 and has stand witness to the development growth of Singapore and its transformation to the current modern city state. Everyone who graduated from Nan Hua Primary School has cultivated a great sense of pride and respect for the school as well as a willing heart to wish to contribute back to the Nan Hua Family.

Nan Hua Primary School Alumni Association was formed in 1998 by its principal then, Madam Fong Yuet Kwai. The association aims to develop and promote fellowship amongst former pupils of the school. Over the years, the association has organized many activities for its members and we are proud to have more than 700 members currently.

I am deeply grateful to be able to contribute back to the Nan Hua Family and glad that I was able to re-connect back with my classmates and teachers from bygone days benefiting from the activities organized by the association.

Both the school and the Alumni Association have come a long way to where we are today. As always, we have a year of exciting activities line up for you. I welcome you to our alumni association and hope to see you soon in our regular activities!

Sia Kok Choon
Vice Chairman

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