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104周年校庆线上采访- 校友郑德顺与龙莉萍(现任南华小学教师)很荣幸地在今天早上参与了学校104周年校庆的直播采访。他们分享了校训带给他们的影响,也提及校训如何帮助他们应对冠状疫情。三位小记者(学妹)也有很棒的表现,值得表扬!
2021 P1 Registration: Phase 2A1 pack available for download- Hi Alumni, For those who is registering for Phase 2A1 this coming July, the 2A1 pack is available for download via your Member’s Portal from today onwards. It should contain both membership certificate and letter. Thank you.
Gratitude cups- The art of serving tea is an unspoken way of cultivating character, to offer tea to elders is a form of showing respect and filial piety. We are honoured to sponsor these gratitude cups to the school, to continue the… read more →
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